Outrage as Piers Morgan claims Netanyahu ‘shouldn’t be in charge of Gaza’

Piers Morgan has sparked outrage after he claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “shouldn’t be in charge of Gaza” if Hamas is defeated.

The TalkTV host was sharing his views on the show Piers Morgan Uncensored when he questioned the Israeli PM’s plans to occupy Gaza after the bombing is done.

The comment came after Mr Netanyahu said that Israel will likely maintain “security responsibility” over the Gaza Strip for some time after its war against Hamas ends.

Mr Morgan said: “This means that Netanyahu plans to occupy Gaza completely for an indefinite period. Long after bombing bloodshed is done. That to me is a massive error of judgement. Our math says more than 10,000 Palestinians are alIsrael and Netanyahu for destroying their lives. And as the bombing intensifies, their furious malice will surely sp

“Israel is focused on wiping out Hamas after what they did to their people. But what happens next will change the course of history. Palestinians need new leaders who accept a Jewish state.

“Israel is a new leader who recognises that Palestinians too deserve a state and the same human rights as Israelis. Netanyahu has divided to rule.

“He propped up Hamas to split the Palestinains with now catastrophic consequences. I don’t know, frankly, who should control Gaza when or if Hamas is wiped out. But I do know it can’t be Benjamin Netanyahu.”


Social media users did not agree with Mr Morgan’s comments and quickly questioned his views.

One user said: “Someone needs to educate himself @piersmorgan #PiersMorgan and by the way do you condemn Israel? Or you a dual citizen and an agent of the Zionists!”

Another said: “The motive for defending the Jews during WW2 was humanism, just as the motive for defending the Palestinians today is humanism. People who are generally are humanists, i.e. people who also speak out against antisemitism, racism etc, are the very same people who speaks out against this genocide in Gaza.

“Unfortunately, I see that many of those who defend are people who often do not treat people equally, and are only driven by self-interest. The fact is that they are simply fighting for the supremacy of the West. These are people who do not look at the situation from a humanist perspective, but only “us against them”, and who will benefit us in an alliance.

“These are the people who ALWAYS take the side of the West regardless of what the West does. As I said, there is nothing moral in this, and it can only be argued on one, and only one, premise, namely a purely self-serving premise. No one can argue against this.

“That is the sad fact, since its void of any morality. But they do it because it defends status quo, it defends western hegemony, which the combined West is massive benefactor from. Morality has nothing to do with it…@UN has lost to the lobby of big corporates, and peoples self-serving interests.”

In an interview with ABC News, Mr Netanyahu said: “I think Israel will for an indefinite period have security responsibility. We’ve seen what happens when we don’t have that… security responsibility, what we have is the eruption of Hamas terror on a scale that we couldn’t imagine.”

The interview also saw Netanyahu move toward admitting that he bore some measure of responsibility for the defence fiasco that allowed Hamas to commit its atrocities on October 7.


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