Horrifying moment Boeing plane smashes into runway after landing gear failed

Video footage has captured the terrifying moment a Boeing 767 crash-landed on its nose after its front landing gear failed.

The craft was travelling between and , when sparks flew as it nosedived down onto the runway at Istanbul Airport.

According to reports, the aircraft, operated by FedEx, made a second attempt at landing, sending sparks flying as it made its way along the runway. 

This incident is the latest problem to hit Boeing after several aircraft experienced issues, including the door coming off one aircraft earlier this year.


The Boeing wthout its front landing gear down

In a statement following the incident, the operator of Istanbul Airport IGA said there hadn’t been any loss of life and that the rescue teams were ” reported that the operator said: “The accident was taken under control without any loss of life with the immediate intervention of the İGA Istanbul Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting team (ARFF), which was claimed they knew why the company appeared to be deteriorating. They said the aviation leviathan was simply seeking to make as much money as it could.

They told : “We just instituted a policy that everyone has to come into work five days a week — except the executive council, which can use the private jets to travel to meetings.

“And that is the story: it is a company that is under caretakers. It is not under owners. And it is not under people who love airplanes…It is anti-excellence, because it is ill-defined, but it became part of the culture and was tied to compensation.”

A spokesperson for FedEx told the Express: “FedEx Express Flight 6268, a Boeing 767, was en route from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey when it experienced an issue during landing Wednesday morning.

“There were no reported injuries to our crew members. We are coordinating with investigation authorities and will provide additional information as it is available.”

When approached by Express.co.uk, Boeing declined to comment on the incident

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