Silvio Berlusconi’s family locked in battle to evict 20 bunga-bunga show girls

Silvio family has started the process of evicting approximately 20 women staying in properties owned by the late prime minister.

Mr Berlusconi, following a battle with Leukaemia, had housed women in multiple homes and flats following 2013 trials investigating alleged payments to an underage dancer soliciting sexual favours.

Many of those women also received monthly allowances of €2,500 (£2,169.13) after their involvement and association with his “bunga bunga” parties knocked their professional reputations.

Prosecutors handling the trial claimed these benefits came after the women lied in courts during the 12 years in which Mr Berlusconi was pursued for allegedly knowingly paying 17-year-old Moroccan dancer Karima El Mahroug for sex.

Two women are now fighting eviction attempts from Mr Berlusconi’s heirs, Italian media organisations have reported, as his three eldest children try to rein in their late father’s spending.

Silvio Berlusconi children

Among the properties currently inhabited by the controversial politician’s former associates is Bernareggio, near Milan.

Barbara Guerra and Alessandra Sorcinelli currently live at the compound at Mr Berlusconi’s expense and are resisting attempts to force them out.

Representatives for Ms Guerra, 45, have released a recording of Berlusconi explaining he would grant her the right to use the property but only hand over outright ownership once the trial has concluded.

He was allegedly recorded saying: “I promise you on my five children a loan for use immediately and as soon as the trial is over, and our lawyers give us the all clear, I will put it in your name.”


Ms Sorcinelli, 39, resides in another home on the compound and claimed to have similar recordings.

She told Corriere della Sera: “I have many recordings in which the prime minister’s great humanity emerges and his desire to give us the houses.”

She said she has instructed lawyers to take legal action against Mr Berlusconi’s heirs claiming their father had promised she could reside on the property in perpetuity.

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Italian media organisations have said his children are leading legal attempts to evict the women.

His eldest heirs, Marina, 57, and Pier Silvio, 54, are reportedly working to clamp down on their late father’s spending.

On top of evicting the women, they are also seeking to curb financial support to the Forza Italia party and Monza football club.


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