Blue lights seen in sky moments before deadly Morocco earthquake kills thousands

Mysterious blue lights were seen illuminating the sky moments before a devastating earthquake in Morocco killed 2,900 people.

These bizarre bursts of light were filmed by a CCTV camera at a property in Agadir, appearing approximately three minutes before the disaster.

A single blue flash appears in the upper left corner of the frame in the brief movie on platform X, followed by a second burst of light a few seconds later.

A similar pattern was observed prior to a recent earthquake in Turkey, which unfortunately claimed the lives of 45,000 people.

According to , the first known instance of earthquake lights on camera occurred in 1965 after a Japanese earthquake.

أحد الأخوان من المغرب الشقيق أرسل لي هذا المقطع الغريب من كاميرا مراقبة لمنزله في مدينة أغادير لحظة وقوع الزلزال…

ظهرت ومضات ضوء زرقاء غامضة في الأفق ولا أحد يعرف ماهي.

مع العلم أن هذه الأضواء ظهرت نفسها لحظة وقوع زلزال تركيا وسوريا قبل 7 أشهر.

هل يوجد لدى أحد تفسير؟

— إياد الحمود (@Eyaaaad)

These strange lights were also seen in China in 2008, Italy in 2009, and Mexico in 2017.

The cause of earthquake lights, also known as EQLs, is unknown, leaving issues unresolved concerning whether they might serve as a forewarning of imminent disasters.

According to National Geographic, some experts believe that these events are caused by the release of energy caused by the movement of lithospheric plates.

Friedemann Freund, an adjunct physics professor and NASA researcher, described the process in a 2014 study analysing 65 cases of seismic light episodes for trends as “switching on a battery in the Earth’s crust”.


International humanitarian organisations have mobilised in Morocco, where a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on Friday night killed 2,681 people and injured almost 2,500 more.

Donors, both large and little, are also stepping up to help with the relief efforts.

According to experts, the best direct approach to help those affected in Marrakech and the rural parts of the Atlas Mountains is to give to organisations that alMore info

According to the United Nations, the 6.8 magnitude earthquake affected around 300,000 people and posed a larger risk due to its shallow depth.

The majority of the devastation and deaths happened in Al Haouz province, which is located in the High Atlas Mountains. The rocky and winding roads in this area were blocked by debris, leaving local villagers to fend for themselves.

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