The Week contest: Lazy job

This week’s question:  A TikTok “life coach” is recommending fellow 20-somethings find “Lazy Girl Jobs”: low-stress, white-collar positions that allow them to work remotely and focus on their non-work lives. Come up with a job title for a uniquely low-effort role.

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THE WINNER: “Navel Observation Specialist”

Jon Braunersreuther, Tomball, Texas

SECOND PLACE: “Every Other Day Trader”

Bill Levine, Belmont, Massachusetts 

THIRD PLACE: “C.O.O.O.O.: Chief Out of Office Officer”

Lark Pinney, Minneapolis, Minnesota 


“George Santos’s Speech Fact-Checker”

Joe Ayella, Wayne, Pennsylvania 

“Undercovers Agent”

Barbara Glazer, Roswell, Georgia

“Titanic Submersible Booking Agent”

Ivan Kershner, Salem, South Carolina 

“Shiftless Supervisor”

Hunter Burgan, Los Angeles, California 

“TikTok Influencer”

Dan Eakin, Sidney, Montana

“Meryl Streep’s Acting Coach”

Barbara James, Bedford, Massachusetts 


Kenneth Burgan, Grass Valley, California

“Entitlement Specialist”

Cary Wiger, New Albany, Indiana

“Chia Pet Sitter”

Claire Williams, Louisville, Kentucky 

“Burisma Consultant”

Russell Shepard, Conway, South Carolina 

“Self Caregiver”

Cathy R. Fischer, Oakland, California 

“Vice-President of Hair Twirling”

Karen Stewart, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania 

“Headrest Hunter”

Eric Rauscher, San Diego, California 

“The Week’s Puzzle Contest Judge”

Paul Kim, Orono, Maine

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