The Week contest: Literary warnings

This week’s question:  A Scottish university is warning students that Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” contains “graphic fishing scenes.” Name another potentially upsetting work of literature and, in five or fewer words, a fitting trigger warning.

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THE WINNER: “Goldilocks: Graphic Depiction of Home Invasion”

Ellen Meshnick and Paul Immerman, Atlanta, Georgia 

SECOND PLACE: “Spartacus: Depicts Hostile Work Environment”

Kenneth Burgan, Grass Valley, California 

THIRD PLACE: “The Bible: Contains Graphic Everything”

Joe Ayella, Wayne, Pennsylvania 


“Frankenstein: Ableism, Colorism, Pyrophobia, Controlling Parent”

Rebecca Burgan, Grass Valley, California

“Fight Club: Sorry, We Can’t Tell You”

Ellen Lawrence Skagerberg, Santa Rosa, California

“Hamlet: Pro-Regicide Attitudes”

Joe Grundle, New Berlin, Wisconsin

“The Grapes of Wrath: May Cause Thoughts of Depression”

Kari Coleman, Los Angeles, California

“Happiness Is a Warm Puppy: May Contain Peanuts”

Mike Reiss, New York City

“Silent Spring: Intense Chemical Substance Abuse”

Michael E. Weil, Needham, Massachusetts 

“The Dictionary: Contains Every Trigger Word Ever”

Troup Miller, Austin, Texas

“Ulysses: May Induce Hallucinatory State”

Joe Scott, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Pride and Prejudice: Explicit Female Assertiveness”

Olivia MacDonald, Midlothian, Virginia

“The Wizard of Oz: Graphic Witch Slayings”

Lisa V. Cook, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Camille: Contains Scenes of Unmasked Coughing”

Roger Bieri, San Diego, California

“Bleak House: Graphic Law Practice Scenes”

Peter Reilly, North Richland Hills, Texas

“The Great Gatsby: Overuse of Metaphors”

Mark Miller, Los Angeles, California

“The Godfather: Contains Extremely Inappropriate Horse Care”

Hunter Burgan, Los Angeles, California

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