What to know about the latest viral food trends

​Scrolling through social media is bound to lead you to a wide array of recipes, restaurants, and food ideas that are capable of launching a frenzy, inspiring countless home chefs to whip up their own versions. Some of the most viral food trends garner dedicated devotees, while others become polarizing love-it-or-hate-it topics of debate. Here’s what to know about some of the latest buzzy foods:

Smoked oysters on crackers

The viral smoked oyster (or mussel) crackers are an affordable snack made newly popular in part by Danielle Matzon, an influencer on TikTok. Matzon, who received a whopping 7.7 million views posting about Siberian sturgeon caviar on fitness bread, is also credited with turning millions of people on to the trendy “Tunacado” sandwich sold at Joe & The Juice. Her tinned oyster crackers snack, however, is more easily attained at home for an affordable price.

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Tinned fish and seafood of all kind have become increasingly popular as part of a snack or appetizer. For the latest iteration, all you need is a can of your favorite smoked oysters or mussels, Craize Sweet Corn crackers, and Momofuku Chili Crunch for an extra kick. This is a simple snack that you can personalize by adding your favorite toppings, and experiment with new combinations.

“Shellfish such as mussels and oysters are an excellent way to up your intake of zinc and vitamin B12,” Cozymeal noted. “Plus, since so much tinned seafood consists of smaller-bodied, non-predatory fish (sardines, mackerel, squid, mussels, etc.), you can breathe easy knowing the mercury content is much lower than what you’d find in regular servings of large fish.”

Feta pasta 

This cheesy dish is super easy to make and got rave reviews across the internet when it went viral. Baked feta pasta is simple enough, revolving mostly around, unsurprisingly, feta (making this one for the lactose intolerant folks to skip). The cheese is baked in a dish alongside tomatoes and olive oil, then mixed into pasta noodles to create a creamy sauce.

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“Obviously roasting a block of feta with bursting tomatoes is going to be amazing,” Lauren Miyashiro wrote at Delish. “But is it good enough to break the internet?”

The answer, Miyashiro argued, comes down to the ingredients. Not only should you hold out for ripe, high-quality tomatoes, but Miyashiro suggested adding “more than just tomatoes and feta,” reccommending quartered shallots, garlic, and red pepper flakes to taste. 

Birria ramen

In recent years, birria has become one of the trendiest Mexican dishes across social media, and now, creative cooks are trying it on more than just tacos. Bill Esparza at Eater describes birria as “a regional Mexican dish consisting of oven-roasted goat in adobo, alongside the preferred taco filling for locals, carne asada, and adobada (the regional name for al pastor).” It’s like a parade for your taste buds, especially if you’re craving something deeply flavorful. If the latest viral trend is to be believed, birria is shockingly good on top of ramen noodles.

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With two beloved dishes combined, what’s not to like? However, depending on where you live, some Mexican restaurants do not offer birria. The trendy fusion dish might be somewhat compromised without fresh, artisan-made birria, but some birria superfans have shared on TikTok and Instagram about making their own version using frozen birria from Trader Joe’s. On top of a pack of your favorite ramen noodles alongside diced onion and minced garlic, it makes for the perfect blend of Mexican and Japanese cuisine.

“The stateside success of birria, a dish created by taqueros from Coatzingo and nearby Pueblan towns who then created a market for it in Tijuana, supported by many often-unnamed stands, is the product of the American dream,” Eater reported, “driven by the entrepreneurship of children of immigrants.”

Marry Me Chicken

There’s a mouthwatering recipe that may have you getting down on one knee. It’s called “Marry Me Chicken,” and it’s widely considered worth the hype. According to Buzzfeed, the term “Marry Me Chicken” was coined by editors at Delish.com after they taste-tested the creation back in 2018. Although it’s not necessarily a new recipe, it recently reemerged and went viral on TikTok, leading countless people to discover the savory concoction. Delish writers told Buzzfeed that when their editors started “devouring this dish,” they found themselves “blurting out marriage proposal-adjacent praises for this creamy, savory chicken dinner.”

Marry Me Chicken is made with chicken breast, garlic, thyme, cream, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. The recipe from Delish will bring you a dish worthy of holy matrimony. Enjoy!

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