10 last-minute Father’s Day gifts for procrastinators

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We’ve all been there — it’s days before what you just realized was Father’s Day and you’re without a gift for your old man. Rather than allow you to suffer the telling embarrassment of a Home Depot gift card, we’ve rounded up 10 last-minute gift ideas that are sure to make Dad think you’ve been planning a present all along.

Personalized video message

Of all the gifts on this list, this one requires the most lead time, but it could pack the most punch. At Cameo, you can order a personalized Father’s Day video message from your pop’s favorite actor, author or athlete for as little as $25. Share a couple of dad-centric details during the highly personalized booking process, and in a few days you have yourself an invaluable keepsake that will never chip, break or crack (and, most importantly, can be downloaded to your phone for easy dissemination among the family).

Styling service subscription

If your pop struggles in the wardrobe department, get him a subscription to styling service Stitch Fix. For $20 a shipment, a personal stylist will send him five clothing items curated specifically to his height, weight, budget, lifestyle and preferences, all of which he can buy minus the $20 fee. The whole process then resets after he sends back the rejects. 


For the father that won’t stop lugging around his “Lord of the Rings” books, we recommend a Kindle. Not only is the e-reader quite affordable (the cheapest model retails for $79.99), it ships in one to two days for Amazon Prime members.

Remote-controlled page-turner

If Pops isn’t entirely sold on his impending transition from the physical to the digital publishing world, a remote-controlled page-turner should help seal the deal. Can you think of anything more luxurious than propping up your e-reader (or tablet) and moving from page to page without having to touch it? Plus, the rechargeable remote acts as a shutter for your phone camera, helping you take photos from afar.

Bluetooth speaker

Take Dad’s yacht rock to the next level with a portable, waterproof and rechargeable Bluetooth speaker perfect for hitting the links with friends or grilling out on the back patio. With up to 20 hours of playing time, the JBL Charge 5 has a built-in power bank to charge your phone if it dies mid-jam session.

Roundnet game

If yours is a dad that hates to sit still on the beach, Spikeball is about to be his new favorite game. The goal? Collaborate with your partner to spike the ball off a tiny trampoline and away from your opponents, all while racking up points for your team. Set up the trampoline (packaged in a convenient Spike Ball-branded backpack), pull out the ball, and get to playing. Dad will be diving across the sand in no time.

Portable firepit

Appeal to dad’s primal instincts with a portable firepit from Cogesu, eligible for Prime shipping on Amazon. Not only is the collapsible pit easy to fold up and carry, but it also includes a safe spark screen, 17-inch poker and barbecue grate for your next family event or camping trip. 

TSA PreCheck

If you’re in a time crunch and scared to take your chances with FedEx, consider purchasing for your favorite flyer the gift of TSA PreCheck. For $85 for five years, Dad can bypass those pesky, long airport security lines and hop on a flight without needing to remove his shoes, belt or jacket. And though you can’t buy it for him directly, you can send him a personalized Visa or detailed Venmo payment to fund his purchase for him.

Dry bag

On the off chance your father is both accident-prone and a fan of the ocean, outfit him with a Heeta Dry Bag for his keys, phone and wallet. You never know when a backpack might tragically fall off the boat or when a water bottle might tip over unceremoniously, but when it does, you’ll want it safe and secure inside this durable, waterproof bag, complete with an adjustable strap for easy transport. 

Golf practice mat

It’s 11 p.m. and your dad is practicing his golf swing in front of the TV. If that sounds like someone you know, the Champkey Premium Impact Golf Mat should prove the perfect addition to his 18-hole arsenal. The impact surface of the mat traces the path of your swing, so you can see at what point in your path you’ve gone wrong. Hole-in-one secured.

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