Ukraine blows up fuel tankers in occupied Donetsk, destroying key rail link

Video has emerged of an inferno on a key train link in Russian-occupied Donetsk after heavy shelling by Ukraine.

Kyiv’s forces have launched pinpoint strikes on fuel tankers in the eastern industrial city captured by Vladimir Putin’s forces one year ago.

Disrupting transportation networks – – has been a primary tactic in diminishing the threat of the invaders.

And footage circulating on social media shows fuel tankers ablaze in the Budonivskyi district and an enormous smoke cloud blanketing the city, located in the wider Donetsk Oblast region.

The attack .

In August, a microchip factory in the Bryansk region of Russia, likely producing technology for sophisticated weapons, .

And in September, in occupied Crimea.

Saboteurs working within Kremlin territory have also.

Russians fighting against their own is also are more common feature of war now into its 20th month.

������ Ще кадри з Донецька, де палають цистерни з пальним

Той випадок, коли у окупантів дійсно пригорає.

— Громадське радіо (@HromadskeRadio)


The Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) is fighting Moscows troops in the embattled city of Avdiivka, according to a post by the group on Telegram.

It said: “The assault squad of the Russian Volunteer Corps captured a Russian military serviceman during the attack on the enemy’s fortified positions near the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant.”

The infighting and pinpoint attacks are occurring against the backdrop of Ukraine’s laboured and gruelling counteroffensive in the east, which is focusing in part on the Donetsk region.

Speaking to Chinese media this month, Putin said: “Since June 4, it [Ukraine’s counteroffensive began] has been continuing. So far there are no results, there are only huge losses.”

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