Ex-Israel PM warns Britain will be next if Hamas terrorists not stopped

Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett told the that Britain was next in ‘ crosshairs.

He warned that Israel had to wipe out the Islamist terror group based in Gaza or else the West could be next.

Mr Bennett told Victoria Derbyshire that Israel was in effect defending the UK by invading Gaza.

He said: “We have an ISIS state next to us. The West is next.

“If you think it’s not going to hit London you’re mistaken. It will.”

“Radical Islam terror will hit everyone.

“You’re next so we’re fighting a war that ultimately will defend the rest of the world from radical Islam.”

This comes amid concerns that the Middle East may soon be engulfed in a region-wide war.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned last night that the brutal fighting risked opening up a “contagion of conflict”.

During the fiery interview, Mr Bennett also accused the BBC of “lacking moral clarity”.

He suggested that the broadcaster had taken “the Gazan side” during the fiery exchange, a claim that Ms Derbyshire insisted was “not true”.

Mr Bennett also defended Israel’s treatment of Gaza, insisting that the IDF was trying to avoid civilian casualties.

He said: “Our goal is for Gazan civilians not to die, we deliberately go out of our way to prevent that happening as far as we can.

“The problem is that Hamas/ISIS are using them as human shields.”

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