Vladimir Putin ‘sent body double to China’ to meet Xi as he has ‘days to live’

sent a body double to meet to meet counterpart because the real president “is living out the last days of his earthly life”, a Russian political analyst has claimed.

with many of his critics claiming president is suffering from a life-threatening illness.

There have also been numerous theories that on occasions when

These extraordinary claims have been reignited by Russian political analyst Valery Solovey, who has argued the Kremlin sent the imposter on the crunch trip to China because Putin’s health has deteriorated so much.

He even goes on to claim “the Chinese side knows very well who they are dealing with”.

vladimir putin xi jinping

Solovey said: “The fact is that the current President Vladimir Putin is living out the last days of his earthly life. Not months, and not weeks, but precisely the last days (due to terminal illness).

“He is currently, like in previous months, being successfully replaced by his double.

“The double even goes to Beijing. And the Chinese side knows very well who they are dealing with.”

Russian Telegram channel General SVR those in charge of Putin’s double on the China trip found the meeting with Xi ‘exciting’ as they do not want to lose power when the real Russian president dies.

However, the channel highlighted “important differences” that could point to clear signs of a body double being used, “despite the careful preparation of the understudy”.


It explained: “The fault is again with the double’s ‘floating’ cheekbones, which do not stay in place and move in different directions.

“The double initially had less expressive cheekbones, which, as a result of plastic surgery, were ‘enlarged’ and made similar to Putin’s cheekbones.

“But it was impossible to make sure they stayed stationary in the right places.”

Last week, the same Telegram channel claimed after he dies or is removed from power.

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vladimir putin china trip

It predicted a body double would continue in power after he dies in order to hide his demise from ordinary Russians.

General SVR posted: “The attending doctors predict Putin’s imminent death amid a sharp deterioration in his health.

“In the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a fuss began with an attempt to create a consensus around the idea of the continuation of the existence of the Putin regime after Putin.

‌”There is a general understanding that for some time it is possible to use a double of the president after the death or removal from power of the real Vladimir Putin.”

The Russian president has previously reportedly rejected proposals from aides that body doubles of him should be used.

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