Russian troops ‘run for the hills’ as they abandon occupied Ukraine village

Yevgeny Balitsky, the top Moscow-appointed official in the Zaporizhzhia region, has confirmed that Russian forces have abandoned the Ukrainian village of Robotyne. This revelation comes after Kyiv declared the successful recapture of the village.

Mr Balitsky has issued a statement addressing the situation in Robotyne. He reported that Russian forces had “tactically abandoned” the settlement, citing the impracticality of remaining on open ground in the absence of appropriate defences. The Russian army, according to Mr Balitsky, has relocated to the neighbouring hills.

Ukraine declared the successful seizure of the strategic settlement on the southern border in Zaporizhzhia on Monday. This accomplishment represents the latest stage in their gradual approach towards disrupting the Russian defence positions guarding the land path to Crimea.

On Monday morning, Hanna Maliar, the deputy defence minister, issued a statement confirming the liberation of Robotyne village, located south of Orikhiv. This advancement brings Ukraine into direct touch with Russia’s primary defence line in the southern region, which protects the approaches leading to the Sea of Azov.


Stephen Fry and I had a cordial and friendly meeting.

We talked about a variety of aspects of Ukrainian life: culture, resilience, and our people’s bravery.

I thanked him for supporting Ukraine. We all hope for a just peace to be restored.

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1 hour ago21:45 Zelensky praises units for ‘very effectove’ results against Russia

Volodymyr Zelensky praised three Ukrainian military units in his nightly address to his country.

The Ukrainian President didn’t mention the name of these units, but said they were achieving “very effective” results against Russians.

Two, he said, were operating in the southern part of Ukraine, while the other was fighting in the east.

Both these areas are the focal points of Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia.

He said: “Thank you soldiers for very, very effective results in destroying the occupiers.

“Results are precisely what Ukraine needs now from everyone.”

2 hours ago20:44 Russia is ‘desperate’, says US Vice President

US vice-president Kamala Harris told CBS News Russia would signal desperation if it sought from North Korea military support for its war in Ukraine.

Speaking amid rumours Moscow and Pyongyang are discussing a military deal and a way to further their cooperation, she said: “The idea that they would be supplying ammunition to that end, is – would be a huge mistake. I also believe very strongly that for both Russia and North Korea, this will further isolate them.

“It is very clear that Russia has – clearly they’re very desperate. They have alRussia has ‘no place’ at Olympics, says Macron

French President said the Russian flag should not be raised at the Olympic Games in Paris taking place next year because of the war crimes committed by Moscow in Ukraine.

In an interview with L’Equipe newspaper published on Thursday, Mr Macron said: “Russia, as a country, has no place at a time when it has committed war crimes and deported children.

“There can’t, obviously, be a Russian flag at the Paris Games, I think there’s a consensus on that.”

4 hours ago19:12 Elon Musk ‘feared Russia would use nukes on Ukraine’

was reportedly concerned Russia would use nuclear weapons on Ukraine if a drone strike on Crimea happened under his watch, a bombshell new biography on the billionaire alleges.

The SpaceX CEO provided tens of thousands of Starlink satellite terminals to Ukraine following Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion. These have offered Kyiv’s troops vital lines of communication and connectivity as Russian rockets battered Ukraine’s own critical infrastructure.

While Mr Musk’s technology has been a huge help, critics have also slammed the X (formerly Twitter) boss for allegedly refusing to step in at crucial moments and even scuppering defense efforts in one instance.

4 hours ago18:56 Desperate Kremlin hires priest to teach children how to fly drones in Church school

Russia is now in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin’s hope for a swift win completely collapsed.

The Kremlin is confirmed to have now hired a priest to teach students at a Church school in the Krasnodar region how to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in combat.

Orthodox priest Igor Biryukov told Russian outlet Lenta that the training programme will teach pupils how to fly drones and will use technical simulators to help the youngsters familiarise themselves with the vehicles.

5 hours ago17:28 Sunak defends Ukrainain counteroffensive

Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson said the British leader doesn’t share the assessment made by some officials about the Ukrainian counteroffensive, which some have argued is progressing at a slower pace than expected.

Updating the press after Mr Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky spoke ahead of the upcoming G20, the spokesperson said: “No. It’s not for me to get into the operational progress of the Ukrainian armed forces but I think what’s clear to see is the Ukrainian military are doing an incredible job against a much larger military and should be commended for their efforts.

“It is testament to the bravery of the Ukrainian armed forces and the support they’ve received from around the world, including from the people of the UK.”

6 hours ago16:36 India desperately tries to avoide stalemate over Ukraine war at upcoming G20 summit

World leaders are gathering in New Delhi this weekend for a G20 summit focused on food security, climate action and debt relief for poor nations.

Ahead of the beginning of the meeting, India proposed that a G20 statement condemning the war in Ukraine also accommodate the views of Russia and China in a bid to avoid a stalemate.

While Western countries part of G20 want to strongly condemned the illegal Russian invasion, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who will attend in lieu of President Vladimir Putin, said Moscow will block the final declaration if it does not reflect its stand.

If this happens, this summit will mark the first to ever fail to produce a joint statement.

8 hours ago15:17 BAT to end its presence in Russia, 18 months after the beginning of the war

British American Tobacco, which owns Lucky Strike and Camel cigarettes, have reached an agreement to sell its Russian and Belarusian businesses to a group led by its Moscow management team.

A statement Russia or Belarus and will receive no financial gain from ongoing sales in these markets.”

BAT had announced in March last year it would stop its operation in Russia in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

It had previously come under fire for not following in the footsteps of other major brands which had alRussia.

8 hours ago15:05 Good afternoon

Good afternoon from London. I’m Alice Scarsi, taking over this live blog. Please feel free to get in touch with me as I work if you have a story or tips to share! Your thoughts are always welcome.

Email: [email protected]

9 hours ago13:49 Russia’s tensions with Japan ramp up

A Ukrainian aide warned Russian propagandists may have selected Japan as a new target, just days after former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hit out at Tokyo’s “militarisation”.

Anton Yuriyovych Gerashchenko, an official advisor at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, shared on Twitter a clip from a debate broadcast by Russia-1, a state-owned Russian television channel.

The minute-long video presents a tirade by a commentator focused on Japan and the islands contended by Tokyo and Moscow.

Watch it .

9 hours ago13:21 Putin so desperate for soldiers he changes the law to allow prisoners to join army

The Russian parliament’s lower house, the State Duma, has sparked international controversy by approving legislation that grants pardons to criminal convicts who voluntarily enlist in Russian forces fighting in Ukraine.

The move comes as Russia seeks to bolster its troop numbers during the initial phases of Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

The legislation formalises the recruitment of prisoners and criminal suspects into the ongoing conflict in Ukraine — a practice initially employed by the private military contractor Wagner last year. However, in early 2023, Russia’s Ministry of Defence assumed control over prison recruitment, as reported by the Moscow Times on Tuesday.

The State Duma released a statement on Tuesday (September 5), outlining the parameters of this unprecedented initiative. Notably, the amnesty does not apply to all incarcerated individuals in Russian prisons.

Exempted from this opportunity are individuals convicted of heinous crimes such as acts of terrorism, sex offences, espionage, and treason.

11 hours ago11:53 Stephen Fry rushed to bomb shelter during visit to Kyiv

Comedian and actor Stephen Fry had to find cover in an air raid shelter this week after explosions rocked Kyiv during his visit to the Ukrainian capital.

The 66-year-old presenter was rushed to a safer location during yet another Russian attack.

The Blackadder actor has explained how he was suddenly woken up at 4:45am on Wednesday morning by hotel staff telling him to get to the basement shelter amid air raid alarms.

Stephen and other hotel guests were then quickly taken to the shelter, with the star marvelling at how relaxed everyone appeared in spite of the imminent danger.

“People were laughing and chattering quite happily,” Fry said, revealing that the shelter was well-equipped with coffee machines and sofas on account of the fact that missile strikes have become a regular occurrence in Ukraine.


11 hours ago11:26 Inside Ukraine’s ‘invisible’ elite sniper divisions causing chaos for Putin’s commanders

So-called ‘invisible’ units of crack Ukrainian snipers are causing chaos for Russian troops, one bullet at a time.

The role of the Devils and Angels – an elite group of sharpshooters consisting of both men and women – is to create disorganisation in the Russian military.

Members of the group are attached to other units, such as units within the 47th Brigade in Zaporizhzhya to the east of Ukraine or units of the 115th Mechanised Brigade.

They have to fit a certain psychological profile for the cold-blooded role, which sees them go on brave reconnaissance missions into no-mans-land, and send Russian units into “disarray” by picking off commanding officers.


12 hours ago11:17 U.S. follows UK’s lead, supplies depleted uranium anti-tank rounds to Ukraine

Following the United Kingdom’s lead, the United States has officially declared its intention to provide Ukraine with depleted uranium anti-tank rounds. These controversial munitions are part of an effort to bolster Ukraine’s counteroffensive capabilities against Russian forces in the ongoing conflict.The 120mm depleted uranium rounds are set to arm the 31 M1A1 Abrams tanks, which are scheduled for delivery to Ukraine in the coming months. This strategic move aims to enhance Ukraine’s ability to effectively respond to armoured threats in the field.

13 hours ago09:43 Romania’s Defense Minister discovers suspected Drone fragments

This Wednesday, Romania’s Defense Minister made an announcement regarding the finding of what seemed to be remnants of a drone, suspected to be connected to Russia’s recent assaults on the Ukrainian port along the Danube River.

Romania, a NATO member, has a shared border with Ukraine, a nation grappling with ongoing conflict.

Angel Tilvar, the minister, conveyed to the local news channel Antena 3 CNN that fragments resembling a drone had been discovered in the eastern Tulcea county. This region lies along the Danube River, serving as a natural border between Romania and the conflict-affected Ukraine.

14 hours ago08:53 Ukrainian drone attack shakes Rostov-on-Don, Russia

The city of Rostov-on-Don, a strategically vital location housing Russia’s southern military command centre, found itself under assault by Ukrainian drones.

In the early hours of September 7, Rostov-on-Don experienced a dramatic escalation as Ukraine’s latest drone attack unfolded. This city holds a pivotal role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, making it a high-profile target for Ukrainian forces.

Initial reports indicate that one person has been injured in the attack. Additionally, the assault resulted in damage to three buildings, while several vehicles were targeted.

14 hours ago08:32 Tragic murder case in Florida with Ukrainian adoptee accused

A Ukrainian adoptee, Dima Tower, aged 21, has been charged with two counts of murder in North Port, Florida. This shocking incident follows the tragic deaths of American real estate agents Robbie and Jennifer Tower, as initially reported by the New York Post.Robbie and Jennifer Tower are remembered for their profound act of kindness, rescuing Dima Tower from a grim orphanage in Ukraine approximately seven years ago. They embraced him as their own child, offering him a loving and nurturing environment.Law enforcement authorities were first called to the Tower residence due to a domestic dispute, unaware of the horrific events that would unfold.

15 hours ago08:02 Biden’s approach to Russian affairs and its global implications

Writing for Express, Diplomatic Editor Marco Giannangeli raises concerns over President Joe Biden’s strategy in managing Russian affairs through proxy means, particularly by controlling the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Giannangeli argues that this approach is a high-stakes game with global repercussions, with China closely observing the developments.

15 hours ago07:47 Polish General warns of possible Russian interference in upcoming elections

General Rajmund Andrzejczak, the chief of the general staff of the Polish armed forces has issued a stark warning about the upcoming elections in his country. General Andrzejczak suggests that Russia may attempt to create a crisis during the upcoming elections, raising concerns about external interference.Polish voters are set to cast their ballots in mid-October to elect members of the Sejm, the lower house of Poland’s parliament, as well as members of the Senate.In July, the Sejm passed a law aimed at investigating Russia’s influence in Poland between 2017 and 2022.

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