Nuclear war ‘inevitable’ after Putin’s Ukraine invasion warns Russian general

Russian Major General Alexander Vladimirov has warned that war in will end in .

Valdmirov is an influential member of the military who penned the three-volume book titled The General Theory of War.

“For the transition to the use of weapons of mass destruction, only one thing is needed – a political decision by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief [Vladimir Putin],” the commander said in a chilling interview with TV pundit Vladislav Shurygin.

He added: “The goals of Russia and the goals of the West are their survival and historical eternity.

“And this means that in the name of this, all means of armed struggle available to them will be used, including such a tool as their .”

He warned: “I am sure that nuclear weapons will be used in this war – inevitably, and from this neither we nor the enemy have anywhere to go.”

“The sooner our politicians and leadership realise this, the sooner we start to train troops and the population for this – the more chances we will have for survival, which means victory.”

The 78-year-old general added that it was crucial to train soldiers to fight in conditions caused by “the use of ”.

The chilling warning comes amid – sometimes with nuclear weapons.

Putin’s right-hand man and former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has also been making threats of against NATO since the beginning of the invasion.


The Sarmat - known as the Satan II - has been put on 'combat duty', according to Russia.

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In addition, last week Russia claimed last month that the country’s Sarmat missile system – also known as the Satan II – had been placed on “combat duty”.

The Satan II is a behemoth nuclear weapon capable of carrying up to 15 nuclear warheads across the globe.

In 2022, the Federation of American Scientists estimated that Russia possesses around 6,000 nuclear warheads of various sizes.

Around 1,600 of their strategic warheads – which would likely be used against cities and other large targets during a war – were deployed.

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