Russian kamikaze drone ‘explodes on NATO territory’

claims a  kamikaze drone has landed on the territory of Romania – a member.

Kyiv’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko has said an -made Shahed drone detonated on Romanian soil during a mass attack by Russia on the Danube River port of Izmail in Ukraine’s southern Odesa region, overnight.

“This is further confirmation that Russian missile terror poses a huge threat not only to the security of Ukraine, but also to the security of neighboring countries, including NATO member states,” said Nikolenko in a statement on Facebook.

“We urge partners to accelerate the provision of Ukraine with additional modern anti-missile and anti-air defense systems, as well as combat aviation, which will strengthen the protection of Ukraine’s infrastructure and neighboring countries.”

Izmail river port in Odesa region, Ukraine, July 21, 2022

However, Romania’s defence ministry “categorically denies the information from the public space regarding a so-called situation that occurred during the night of September 3 to 4, in which Russian drones allegedly fell on the national territory of Romania”.

“At no time did the means of attack used by the Russian Federation generate direct military threats to Romania’s national territory or territorial waters,” it added.

Article 5 of the founding treaty, about collective defence, holds that “if a NATO Ally is the victim of an armed attack, each and every other member of the Alliance will consider this act of violence as an armed attack against all members and will take the actions it deems necessary to assist the Ally attacked”.

It explicitly states that “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all”.

Ukrainian soldier holds a drone during a military training as Russia-Ukraine war continues in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine on August 17, 2023

Ukrainian lawmaker Oksana Savchuk told a broadcaster in the country she thinks Romania’s denial could be part of an effort by NATO to prevent a slide into a direct war with Russia.

Kyiv has reported Russian weapons flying over or crashing into neighbours, including NATO members, several times during the war.

In the most dramatic moment, that fell near the border last November.

Poland and NATO allies later said it was a misfired Ukrainian air defence missile.

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It comes after .

Targeting the Kerch bridge, a key supply route for Russian troops, Ukraine used three semi-submersible kamikaze marine drones.

Moscow said they managed to intercept and destroy each of the drones as they desperately try and save the crossing from destruction.

One drone was destroyed late on Friday and two others early on Saturday, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

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