Iowa’s restrictive abortion ban temporarily blocked by judge

A judge on Monday temporarily blocked Iowa’s new six-week abortion ban, making the procedure legal again in the state until 22 weeks.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signed the measure into law on Friday, and it was immediately challenged in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU and several abortion providers. During arguments that day in front of Polk County District Court Judge Joseph Seidlin, opponents of the ban said it violates the state’s constitution, while supporters said it protects the rights of “the unborn.”

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This is a “complex and sensitive” matter, Seidlin said on Monday, adding that by granting the temporary injunction, it “recognizes that there are good, honorable and intelligent people — morally, politically and legally — on both sides of this upsetting societal and constitutional dilemma.”

The restrictive abortion measure was passed last week by Iowa’s GOP-held legislature, after Reynolds called a special session. The governor signed a similar abortion bill into law in 2018 that was permanently blocked by the courts.

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