Peeing your pants: Why do people urinate when they're scared? - Pee scared

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NASA agents burst into a Denny's in Southern California five months ago to arrest a year-old grandmother who was trying to sell a moon. Do you ever pee your pants when you're surprised or scared? Even just a little? Well, it turns out you may have your brain to blame.

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By Bacage - 06:50
If you get the urge to pee when you're nervous, you're not alone. It's common to feel the need to void your bladder when you're feeling tense.
By Voodoozragore - 15:20
When we are scared the body releases Adrenaline. This hormone is commonly referred to as the hormone of flight, fright and fight. In this situation the body.
By Yozshujora - 20:33 › explainlikeimfive › comments › eli5_why_do_yo.
By Dushakar - 11:26
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By Zugami - 08:51 › why-do-people-pee-when-theyre-frightened

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