Urban Dictionary: yaeba - Crooked teeth fetish

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If you know (or you have that kind of fetish as well), what makes it attractive. Aren't crooked teeth unhealthy? Discuss for the sake of this girl? So for whatever reason, I've decided to share with you all my weird little fetish: crooked teeth! I don't know what it is about girls with crooked.

Categories: Primal fetish


By JoJokazahn - 22:53
My take on this is that this is related to the ubiquitous obsession with youth and the sexual fetishisation of underage girls in Japanese culture. Because young.
By Tojanos - 18:42
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By Kajigor - 07:39
Here is a celeb for example with crooked teeth, Daesung. . LOL i have a teeth fetish or something. well crooked teeth - depends how crooked.
By Mikall - 22:32
I have an extreme fetish for crooked/buck/overbite teeth. And I'm talking Liv Tyler/​Gina Gershon/beautiful girl with slightly large teeth. I mean teeth so bad it would.
By Zuluzahn - 00:39
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