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In human anatomy, the head is at the top of the human body. It supports the face and is . Bitragion breadth, 6, The breadth of the head from the right tragion to the left. Tragion is the cartilaginous notch at the front of the ear. Men, , Lateral head Lateral head anatomy. Details. Nerve · facial nerve. Identifiers. Latin, musculi faciei. MeSH · D · TA · A · FMA · · Anatomical terms of muscle. [edit on Wikidata]. The facial muscles are a group of striated skeletal muscles supplied by the facial nerve (cranial These muscles also cause wrinkles at right angles to the muscles'.

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3. The Lymphatics of the Head, Face, and Neck - Human Anatomy. On the right side, this trunk ends in the junction of the internal jugular and subclavian veins;.
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Parasympathetic: Supplies many of the glands of the head and neck, including: . Fig – Right sided weakness of the muscles of facial expression, due to.
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Head and face pain causes and conditions can include a headache or an The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), located on both sides of the head right in front.
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Broken at top center, proper right edge and bottom. Surface on exterior is chipped at right upper part of head and adjoining surface, right upper quadrant of face.
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The following conditions can cause a feeling of pressure in the head: A dull, aching pressure on the side of the head, face, or jaw may.

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